So there you have it, spoken from the horses mouth. Plaman is being used by your Dictator Dartanian Thakria.

I mean has he even discussed his actions with any Thakrians besides Plaman.

Stand up now Thakria and challenge these people who will bring you down. Question their actions know what is being

done for you and not for power gain and wealth for your leaders. Look at your shops and how much does

your gold quests give. Where is all this money going, well on Dartanians and Plamans war machine.

They are using you to achieve their own personal ambitions. Is this the way a leader voted in by you should


Stand up now and throw them out I say, for you have the real power, not them.

All you young Thakrians, remember what it was like when you were bullied at school. Well this is the same

People using you for their own benefit and not yours.

You will feel the might of what they are trying to do and it will come when your city is once again invaded

and crushed because of two peoples over sized heads. Is this what you want ?

Think on this thakria for it is only time, ask them now what numbers of legions they face, then call them liars

For they have not told the truth if they think they can win this war.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 991.