Stupid posts.

I don't normally respond to stupid drivel, it certainly doesn't elevate the collective intelligence of avalonians who have to read it, but I think it is necessary this time, so here goes.

Kes, Do not speak about things you do not know. I personally talked with your former prince on more than one occasion about some kind of terms for gaining a small portion of SOI. They did not work out, so we found it necessary to take some. It was

not based on a dictatorship, stupidity or anything else.

It was a very carefully calculated move, but then I am sure that you know little about such things.

Julian, Never doubt that we think. We do. And so what if Thakria kills citizens of other cities, and Merc doesn't. Most mercs couldn't kill a spider much less one of your citizens.

Oh yeah, Yes I am Prince of Thakria. Plaman is responsible to me and I have seen absolutely no reason to reign him in. He and I have discussed the moves he's made and he's done them well. Dictatorship, rather silly really.

Dartanian, the THINKING Prince of Thakria

Written by my hand on the 9th of Eleuthral, in the year 991.