Time for that rubber room.

You too are not allowed to address me in this forum again until you kno what you speak. Never concern yourself with the Thakrian economy. Thakria will take back its land as it is doing if you think the rations used is wasting food supply you know le

ss then I thought. Also a major correction in your thinking. I was not thrown out of Parrius in fact I was asked several times after I left to come back. I loved that city dearly sweeted blood to help raise it up and did alomst as much for that cit

y growing as shennara did! I did not like the change of that city and its current situation of apathy is its citizens own doing which I hear they are correcting.

Perhaps one day I will act like you Kes and allow myself to be continually slaughtered and watch my citizens and what I work for crumble and fall but then I doubt it as you correctly pointed out I am a very ambitious person.

The Govnor

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Midwinter, in the year 991.