Safety Locations - Chapter 21.

Blueskull, All Teeth and Furto Everyone

This subject has got a bit out of hand. Let me clarify things.

The issue in question is whether or not non-pacifists ought to be aloud the luxury of complete safety, often after having instigated a some sort of scuffle. The answer is quite clearly no. If my history lessons serve, safety locations were originall

y introduced to protect commodities, I do not believe the Gods intended them to be used in the way they are, or no time limitations would have been imposed at all. This means constant use of the locations as cover, is obviously an abuse.

Zakath's idea of big edge for fighters that chose to have their access to locations limited seems more than workable, and very fair to me. Alternatively I am in favour of a low-level skill that will allow a fighter to force another fighter from a prot

ected location (other than the pool).

Can I also take this opportunity to ask for some Divine guidance, is this debate being monitored and digested ? or is it all in vain ?

PS Zeni if its really possible to enter the sewers, other than on a boat by invite, I'll pay you good money for the secret !!! (yum)

Written by my hand on the 16th of Paglost, in the year 988.