Yeah, whatever.

That was a wonderful bit of sidestepping in that last post, or am I just reading a tad bit too much into it?

Of course you didn't \"threaten Thakria formally with an invasion\". That does not indicate however a lack of desire of at least looking at the possibility that you would do so.

In short, whatever things you may have thought you did to help us, came up short in showing what you called \"friendship\". Simple fact for you, we will not tolerate your crap.

Everyone in Avalon knows that Mercinae and Thakria are diametrically opposed and that both cities enjoy the struggle entirely as its part of the game, your city however Orielle, we just find disgusting. Live with it. or die with it, either way, we

dont' care

Dartanian, Prince of Truth

Written by my hand on the 11th of Paglost, in the year 988.