you should know that the city of springdale went why out of their way to befriend thakria. i was probably the lone voice against placating you slime. i take that back there were others. if you want to claim someone as your enemy it would be me.

springdale offered you friendship for the sake of your newbies, and i screamed, 'this is stupid as soon as the get a chance they will stab us in the back'.

springdale offered to let you use some of our fields to plant and harvest, and i had the same response.

springdale tried to work out some kind of treaty with you slime balls and you were making demands, not being willing to accept friendship you seemed to think anything less then worship was less then you deserved.

even i, one of the most hardline springdalians, made overtures to thakria. because it was what my princess wanted. and i never heard from any of your people.

it doesn't hurt springdale in the least that you have enemied us, i personally could care less. but it does prove that i was right all along 'thakria is a wild beast ready to kill those that try to help them'

i am glad you have taken the stand you have. and i just have to say i look forward to the new fall of the slime pits of thakria.

the raphaim, proud of springdale and shaking my head at the ooze of thakria

Written by my hand on the 28th of Springflower, in the year 988.