Thakrian concerns over Springdale.


Granted, while the discussions between our two cities were not always

the most cordial and did not ultimately solve or alleviate all of the

concerns on both sides, I was never approached by any in the Thakrian

government, or otherwise, aside from Arthor, with complaints of the

citizens or government of Springdale acting unfairly toward Thakria.

As the Minister for Foreign Relations in Springdale, any concerns

should have been addressed to myself.

From this point onward, please ensure that such things do reach my

attention whether by msg, letter, or even a civil discussion. If

it is something which needs urgent attention and you would rather

not wait for me, alert one of our barons, ministers, or our Princess.

A simple HELP SPRINGDALE will give the information you need as to the

above officeholders.

I advise non officeholders to send concerns to your local Minister

for Foreign Relations or your barony so that things can maintain

some semblance of order within the proper channels. As always, if it

is extremely urgent, you can take matters into your own hands by

notifying our barony or ministers who will then take some temporary

action until it is brought to my attention and that of the rest of

the government when a final decision will be made.

That said, while I'm Minister of Foreign Relations for Springdale

(we have, indeed, grown far beyond the mantle of Springtown), I do

not want to hear that anyone or any city was treated unjustly by

my own after the fact. After all, if you complain to the local

bartender that your tailor is corrupt, nothing is likely to be


Fare thee well and tempt not the Fates,


Written by my hand on the 14th of Springflower, in the year 988.