"safe" Locations.

Lorelord Allanonto Everyone

There are many simple solutions to the problem and rest assured it has always been a problem

be it the Pool of Life, The dark Void or Shop Storerooms or Forts or now Barracks and

Comm Sheds.

If a person is either a Pacifist or Divinely Protected access can be unlimited.

Otherwise there is a time limit delay on entry (for every entry) and a time limit per visit or

Avalon day for how long you can stand in these \"safe\" locations.

It would seem equally sensible to include within the algorithm to calculate the time limit a variable

based upon the individuals bloodlust - the higher the bloodlust the longer the entry delay and the less time

allowed inside the safe location.

Perhaps over a pre determined bloodlust % entry is prohibited full stop.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Cloudburst, in the year 988.