safety locations.

Blueskull, All Teeth and Furto Everyone

A debate on the validity of safety locations appears to be manifesting on the fighters board, perhaps this is a more suitable venue ?

Firstly let me state outright, that I do not pretend to make no use of safety locations, I often sit in them when I wish to engage in conversation, or when I'm contemplating battle. One of the reasons I do this is because I would have to be stupid no

t take advantage of these locations whilst they are there.

However, I would gladly give up this small luxury, and firmly believe it would make for a more dynamic and exciting Avalon. This does not mean that I believe we should dismantle comm sheds or remove protection from shops, comms are far too valuable a

nd represent too much labour to leave them vulnerable to would-be thieves. (Lets suppose for a moment that the other-worldly place, we have all heard rumours of actually exists, commodities would then have to equate to real life money)

I propose that we introduce tough new restrictions on the use of safety locations. One idea would be a much reduced limit on the time that can be spent in these places, another would be a similar sort of restriction for safety locations as there is o

n running to the pool after a challenge. I would further encourage a time limit on entry to such locations after a challenge has been withdrawn. I cant help noticing that some people retract their challenges half way through a fight, so that they can

flee to the pool.

I was wondering also about the possibility of introducing a low level scholarship skill, that allows one to force an opponent from a safety location, something with a delay and a warning, much like traversal.

Thoughts please.

For Avalons jewel, the Greenwood ........... Blueskull

Written by my hand on the 9th of Cloudburst, in the year 988.