Wizard Amygdala, The Levellerto Plaman

There are many in Springdale who still aspire to the concept of neutrality.

The concepts of light and dark is largely irrelevant to those of a neutral alignment.

Springdale has in its past never directly associated itself with 'The Light' and indeed has always tried and struggled to remain aloof from the politics of the old cities.

Recurrent attacks by Thakrians during our history has made closer links with Mercinae natural but not on the basis of ideology but on the basis of need.

Perhaps if any of your fellow citizens had considered this in the past Springdale would not have felt the need to play a substantial role in the invasion and subsequent defeat of Thakria.

It would seem you are attempting to repeat the mistakes of the past by your rhetoric.

Maybe the path to a new glorious Thakria is by the use of thought, intelligence and a little diplomacy rather than aggressive statements of intent?

Wizard Amygdala.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Mournsend, in the year 988.