Mercinae/Thakria Treaty.

Prince Dartanian, the forsaken ministerto Everyone

A little over 10 years ago troops from the City of Light attacked Thakria, and for the first time in Thakria's history we succumbed to an outside invader. In just a few minutes, the treaty, which was drawn up to allow Thakria's regrowth will end.

Make no mistake Avalon, the City of Miracles has performed another Miracle in lifting itself up from the ashes of 10 years ago. The citizens of the City of Miracles have scraped and worked and restored their pride in the greatest city in Avalon.

Some said that Thakria, and its ways were dead. That the pride and swagger that accompanied being Thakrian had passed on. We say on this day, this is not true. Our pride is that we once again standing independently. Our military is growing, our ci

tizens are proud, and our fighting spirit is as strong as ever. Mark this day, for it starts a return to the days of a dominant Thakria. The City of Miracles will rule once again.

Dartanian, Prince of the City of Miracles

Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 988.