Reporting problems and ideas.

Castigere, the god of justiceto Everyone

Those of you who have had problems in the past with your steeds vanishing from underneath you should now find that they no longer do this. If you do find this happens again, please MSG me directly.

Please note that in order to speedily fix bugs, it would be helpful if you could give as much background information as possible. For example, in this instance it would have been helpful to have known your steed's state of health, whether you had FLIGHT on, whether you or anyone else had given it an order or intimidated it, etc.

Suspected bugs should be reported using the BUG command. Problems that you think may be related to your current location should be reported using BUGHERE. Any other suggestions which are not actual problems with the game should go through the IDEA command or, for lengthy and more general ideas, through the COMMENTS bulletin board, which can only be read by the Omnipotents.

Castigere, the god of justice.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Eleuthral, in the year 988.