Armour of Felgor.

Castigere, the god of justiceto Everyone

Fragments of the armour were found by Tryn, Nighteagle, Loric, Blueskull, Dani, Bumble, Kylan, Sturge, Paris and Culinane. An unforseen event occurred with the armour was brought together in the Meeting Place. it would seem that Felgor had embedded some of his power in the armour, for the holders were transported into the twisted plane of horror to which we Gods had banished Felgor so many centuries ago.

Fortunately the armourbearers showed terrific presence of mind in the face of Felgor's onslaughts, even when he was still spiritual and they could not hit back. In the end, Culinane noticed the pattern in Felgor's servants, Sturge realised he could steal Felgor's amulet, and Nighteagle realised that whilst the amulet protected Felgor against swords and magic, it did not protect him against losing his head. Any one of these events could have led to Felgor's demise, but Nighteagle was quickest, and has thus won the divine piece of cornelian.

Nighteagle did slay Felgor this day, and I have once again scattered the pieces of armour to the wind, in the hope that no man will find them again. Let this be a warning to you all. The armour is beyond mortal reckoning.

Castigere, the god of justice.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Paglost, in the year 987.