Curse of Compassion.

Arthor, because of your unprovoked attack upon me today, my willingness to forgive your earlier attacks upon me in my master's temple is rescinded.

As a result, until you cause a positive balance of 10,000 essence to be offered to Rhadamanthys, you shall feel the compassion applied in its most literal sense.

I shall dog your steps and offer relief from your attacks to any person whom you are fighting who has not challenged you. While I have no illusions or even the desire to kill you, you will become frustrated to no end by the harassment I can offer.

Just so you are clear--a positive balance of 10,000 essence means that any essence Rhadamanthys loses to your hands from now until the debt is paid will be that much more you have to pay unto him.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Springflower, in the year 987.