some thoughts as I turn ninety-nine.

Sorcerer Taliesinto Everyone

Some thoughts as I turn ninety-nine... to take a moment of your time... and speak of things that many have let pass... I recall when I was new, did accolades, and typed in \"who\"... twas did it go so fast?... I was slain by Lord Shaitan and f

rom his horde of vampyres ran, but to his death I would one time send... He spent a year in preparation for a mighty ordination... I vexed him by theft of Divine gem... Macros cast his evil spells and summon demons out of hell... and Parrius survived a cr

uel invasion...

Ithakus wise in craft was he and thought to earn great majesty by taking for himself the city's Deed... But Lancelot of Springdale came, and cut his champions in twain, as I removed embattlements with speed...

And so the weeks have flown like days and my Dreams have flown away... and many ancient faces re-appeared...Out of the dark despairing gloom came the word of passing Doom, and also came the light of Castigere... The people cheered with elation to be bl

essed with Civilisation... and many were the new things in the land...Thakria called forth her lords, summoned demons, sharpened swords and came to mercinae with death in hand...But death did not long linger there, for Light shines in Cassiandora Squ

are, and many came to call of Culinane...Back across the darkened wood the folk of light proclaiming good, set the stores of Thakria to flame... Now the world's anticipation of the coming ordination causes people to aspire again... But I am old, cannot

pretend that I am worthy to contend.rather I can just remember when...The sun shined bright in Avalon... when I chanced to walk upon... these roads with hope and joy in my heart... twas a time when i despaired and thought my heart beyond repair... but

now I know remembering is a start... So I give cheers unto you all who daily hear the magic call.and cheers unto the Mighty Lord of Time... walk with pride and grow apace, bring smiles to anothers face... and think on it when you turn ninety-nine...

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Midsummer, in the year 986.