Pearl Gem Quest.

Lorewarden Grundy, Avatar of Compassionto Everyone

I think much praise should go to the Lord of the Just for his creation of the arena and viewing area from which the denizens of Avalon may watch every blow and spell delivered in gem quest battles.

The arena is definitely a great addition to the land and I hope the mighty god has an opportunity to add beer stalls to it before the next time it is used.

I think we should also thank Magellan for his help in getting the questing grounds set up and his illuminating lessons on the civilized use and placement of slayer traps.

I do apologize to everyone for the glee I exhibited when the runestaves were set off. It was unseemly, I am sure for a person of my standing within my order, but I so rarely get to watch runestaves work while I am not under attack myself.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midsummer, in the year 986.