quest items.

Actually, I wasn't counting the time Wraith helped us get in. I opened the ford twice after when it closed.

But for people who want to learn more quest tips, travel to Astrea's Delta and chat with the sage there. Just be warned, he likes to collect commodities, so bring something you can get your hands on a lot of like wood or flint. Most of the quests I me

ntioned previously are learnable from him.

I guess the only way to get myself some peace on this the boards is to use my aforementioned charm (*grin*) and make my rounds of the guilds asking people to liberate the non-longnight quest items since it seems people aren't going to be satisfied wit

h doing all the other quests available and continue to fill multiple bulletin boards with thinly veiled hints to the gods.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Midwinter, in the year 986.