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Joshua, Rapscallion of Springdaleto Everyone

There are, as T. Grundy points out, a ton of quests in Avalon. As a recent

gem quest revealed, many active players still don't know large numbers of them.

Now, on to your questions: First things first. You must become a servile toad

to your barony, and they will fashion you a bow. You must find a loremaster (I

heartily endorse Grundy for this next one) and attach yourself like a limpet

to said personage, constantly requesting potions, charms, amulets, thingamajigs,

and doohickeys. Be sure to drag some magic user along, and harass Bards for

all the musical instruments you can carry. Get all these things enchanted

with one or two useful charms--personal favorites are truelocate and hearing.

Bother the pacifists you know until they just give you dozens of strips of

leather, so that you may have herb pouches fashioned. try to wear 40 or so of

these, runed of course, with zahirs, and fill them all with courgia fluff.

After you accomplish the above tasks, you will never fear leaving your city

again, because all will know that you are a political force with which to

be reckoned! An 'up-and-comer' as it were. Once you can travel freely,

simply find every CCC who is not bothered by your: a) city, b) alignment, or c)

hairlength. Greet these folks, and they tell you neat things. Did you know

that the Abbot Kenkria actually lost some girl to Emperor Periam? I did! Grundy

probably did too, so go get him to refill 10 more potions. Periam hates Valnaurgul.

Valnaurgul hates just about everybody. Lady Lizzara likes roots. Don't go on

bashes. Stay unenemied to goblins if possible, and monks, and of course, your

friends the eoses. They make these wacky little hats, and they'd just love you

to wear them. It is some sort of advertising scheme, though I'm not sure for

what. The reason, which sadly for Grundy, who really is a great guy, but brags

a bit about this Alessandria thing when we all know it was Lord Wraith who got

us the item needed to ford the river, but I digress, as I was saying, the reason

I don't want items hoarded is simple: Without Plaman to assist in unhoarding some

runestones, and without Wraith getting the proper orcish spear from a treasure room

that it never should have stayed in, nobody was getting into Alessandria, and

nobody was giving any people in there any items. Sure, there are tons of fun

things to do without quest items. But lets see ol' Mr. Thaumaturge tame that

beast when I put the required training implement (no spoilers, gang) into cold

storage! Sorry, you'll just have to kill the beast, and then what's Mr. Pangyron

going to reward you with? For every fascinating quest around, other than 'kill

this guy and give to this guy', there's an item that can be hoarded which will

muck it all up. If you prove me wrong, I'll still win, because I'll just say that

that quest isn't fascinating. And of course, the fact that some items aren't

presently hoarded only means that not enough people realise their significance, and

if they see others perform the quest a few times (cutlass-cough-cough) they will

of course hoard the new stuff as well.

Nip it in the bud now: Prevent treasure rooms from holding quest items. Set a flag

in items that are 'big quest' items, and let them float around 'official' treasure

rooms, without getting stuck in guildhouse privacy locs, or whatever the hell these

annoying rooms are.

Yes, that includes orcish spears, and any other damn thing that you need to ford

the river into Alessandria.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Agamnion, in the year 985.