Thaumaturge Grundy, Avatar of Compassionto Everyone

It is absolute poppycock to say that younger folks cant quest because stuff is locked up.

In the past 2 days I have forded alessandria twice, given 4 CCCs assoicated with alessandria some gear associated with the overall quest for that area.

I have filled the kegs in thaumacie, returned a ring to the captain there, melted the icehalls, returned an orb to iorween, a club to the thane of eleusis, returned 3 prisoners of orc town to their places, returned the queen to her king and a gem to t

he king, taken lizzara on a tour of the land, melted snowfoot, returned a scarecrow to it's proper place, returned father to his son, returned chalk and a board to a tutor, returned a millstone to it's proper place, removed the black altar from circul

ation, gotten rewarded for acquiring some books, set a wight to rest.

After I post this, I might just go and reunite lost children with their parents, visit some standing stones, get a phoenix, diamond and shilling, lead a snow tiger, get some obsidian, dispose of a beast or maybe tame it.

Yes, I could name an equal number of quests I couldnt do because the items are secreted away. Of course, I could use my fabulous charisma to charm them into my possession probably, but all the aforementioned quests were done and can be done without an

y pieces that can be locked. Many give a fair experience yield. There are a few some people cant do because of alignment and citizenship, but there are a couple of my favourites that i cant do because my guild is enemied to thakria.

Basically quit crying about the items you can't get and focus on the quests you can do if you are so hungry for experience folks. The only valid reason anyone can claim they can't do the majority of these quests is either because you haven't bothered

to learn them or I got there first!

Hope this puts an end to all the whining

Grundy, Lord Questor

Written by my hand on the 29th of Agamnion, in the year 985.