A quick comment.

Culinane, Prince of Mercinaeto Plaman

When the itmes for the longnight sat in your storeroom, you weren't posting about the necessity for them to reset regardless of where they are.

Now that they have been taken (yet again), from your storeroom, you champion the cause of items resetting regardless of location.

I have no problem with items resetting, if the gods so choose. They did so with the ebonies and onyxes for the totems. Those particular quest items, as everyone seems to forget, reset about once an hour. There are the same number of items on either

side, there is the roughly the same potential for detrimental of beneficial effect to either side depending on which totem is raised.

The Longnight as it stands, if set up, benefits the members of the Cult to the detriment of the members of the Order. The standard of having the longnight \"down\" does not, in particular detrimentally effect anyone. I will happily stand behind you in

your on going quest for all items to reset when there are major quests which hurt members of the cult as much as the longnight hurts members of the Order. The longnight is savagely brutal on members of the Order, and when they complain about its eff

ects, the answer is that it is simple to prevent (all should know prevention is easier than cure). So it remains easy to prevent (perhaps due to its devastating effect?) through the requisite quest items being able to be stored in relatively safe pla



29 course there are other aspects of prevention of the longnight, outside of ensuring the required items are inaccessible or unavailable, about which I feel no particular urge to educate you or other cult members. If you are strong enough to put up t

he longnight do so. If you are strong enough to take it down do so. If you are strong enough to prevent it, go for it. But in the meantime, can we have a little less complaining on the short end of the stick?

Sorry to bore everyone, Culinane

Written by my hand on the 11th of Agamnion, in the year 985.