Respect for the gods... and their Realms.

Underestimating Magdalene the Raven Haired Beautyto Everyone

Whilst I agree completely that respect should be shown to

the deities of this land. that watch (and sometimes guide) our

every step, I also feel that we should go a small step further.

I suggest that we should start to show more respect to the

realms adopted by those deities.

I speak in particular of the forests... and mainly of the

greenwood and the forest area's surrounding it.

As the forest is the most sacred ground of my Patron Maedhros...

and indeed of Aldaron who presides over all living things...

and of Genesis to whom all Avalon belongs... I suggest

that we could be more tender in our approach to it.

I know the satisfaction of felling and logging a tree...

one that we have all indeed felt... I do however feel great sadness

as I walk through the greenwood and along the old road near the

triangular house... for alas... our felling efforts have

made such great tree's a rarity in such areas.


Written by my hand on the 28th of Hindyear, in the year 985.