dragging people to their deaths.

Its a handy trick that I learnt from Plaman. I was hoping to so enrage you, or some of your cits, that you might come out and fight, unfortunately you chose to sit in safety spots and post to the public bb instead. But them I didnt really expect an

ything else.

Oh, wait a minute, there was one time you came out, jump me with Plaman, Lurkalot, and Cordon. I'll promise to stop dragging your cits to their deaths when you promise to meet me in a challenge. If I can come up to Thakria and fight four on one, whi

lst on low health and missing various healing herbs, then I'm sure you can manage to fight me in one little challenge.

Should you still decline my next challenge, I'll start taking potions and runes from your litt'luns, at least you'll be able to replace them without leaving the safety of your guild.

At this point I have to say that there is one hope for the fighting spirit of Thakria, and that lies with a young sorc called Cordon, who's perseverance and willingness to die for his city is commendable. In my recent experience he's the only Thakria

n willing to fight one on one. Keep up the good work Cordon, a few more like you, and we might breathe some life back into the land.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Hindyear, in the year 984.