For the good of Thakria.

Sir Arthor, The Honourableto Poisonous Tryn Izaril

My apologies to you, Tryn. I did not intend to attack you during a brew either time, nor shall I attack during a brew in the future.

My apologies to you, Lord Castigere, as well, for my disrespect. THIS apology was coming even without Tryn's threat.

My apologies to Lord Genesis for cluttering up the BB with these last two posts. I hope you will find they are better than my usual.

Finally, I swear before my Dark Lord, Nostradamus, that I will never again carry the title \"Honourable\". Luckily for you, I shall remain so in deed if not in name.

whirl blade

Your terms are met, Tryn, beware...

Sir Arthor, Baron of Thakria.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Cloudburst, in the year 984.