The real story. Want a log?.

Sir Arthor, The Honourableto Everyone

The first time Tryn shouted for a brew, I was indeed deaf, and did not hear him. I saw him out of his cosy Bedroom, and decided to attack him. As soon as I did, he ran to the pool. Then, Lord Castigere entreated me not to attack Tryn, for he was ho

lding a brew. At which point, Tryn came out and attacked me.

This is the incident Ogion spoke of.

The next day, Tryn shouted for another brew. I, needing a few rides, decided to show up. As soon as I appeared, Tryn attacked me.

Then Lord Castigere disfavoured me for disrupting the brew, and Tryn proceeded to kill me several more times.

I swear this is the case, ask Tryn himself.

Sir Arthor, The Honourable.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Cloudburst, in the year 984.