Funny moments.

Sir Yousuf, the Spirit of Mercinaeto Everyone

Here I am - sat chatting with my Cavalier counterpart Kylan just below the clouds, when a pair of our respective guildmembers are preparing to start a challenge fight.

Just before it starts, Arthor mentions some concern he has to Kylan that I may jump in and interfere with his challenge, which considering I have never done that to him, is a pointless woe, but what the hell - we all have our hang-ups.

Anyways - Nighteagle comes to the clouds, closely followed by Arthor - who then proceeds to try welly me - nice to see his concerns that I would interfere with him were grounded - I actually bled on his swords a little!

Next thing you know - he has run off, realised he was attacking me, changed his targets and is crying to Kylan to come bail him out!

I was flabbergasted - my jaw very nearly hit the ground - Arthor was actively requesting that his Guildmistress step into a challenge fight he had initiated to bail him out of trouble!

Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 984.