Avalon Community Chest.

Gentle Adelwyn, Apprentice Healerto Everyone

I have started a Community Chest in the Ruined Homestead north of the Meeting Place. It is intended for younger players, or players in great need. It contains equipment, clothing, and healing herbs which are free for the taking or borrowing.

I am under no delusions about how open this Community Center is to abuse. The job of keeping it stocked will be far beyond the means of any one player. I humbly ask all those who wish our younger brethren well to support this project.

If you want to support me but do not want to waste time shopping, any money donation to me or any other animist will be spent on merchandise for the Community Chest.

Note that there is absolutely no obligation, no fee, for using the resources of the Community Chest. Those who wish to donate may do it of their own free will.

One other note to store-keepers -- all the merchandise in the chest (except herbs) was bought from stores originally. Your businesses will actually improve because of this project, since I will buy like mad to keep it stocked.

Thank you for reading so much formless, paragraph-less verbiage -- and I hope to see you all at the Community Chest soon!

Written by my hand on the 6th of Midwinter, in the year 983.