On Conan and Catt.

Warrior Tanglongto Sir Julian, Knight of Justice


As all know I am young in this land. It's still fresh in my memory that Conan is the first to approach me and give me his unconditional help. He is a genorous and benovelent man.

Catt was the second person I receive the the greatest help from. He make runes,armour and swords for me upon Conan's request. And thereafter help me on my many occassions. He too like Conan have my utmost respect.

But I feel it is neccessary for me to speak even though my words might seem to offend them. To many people, Catt is an egoistic man as he always sound commanding and take things into his own hands. However he did so for the good of Parrius and his

guild. To all who read Conan's help file, would see what Catt has meant. Being given a place in the city and a guild is not a right, but a privillege one should treasure. However we are all human and tantrums are unavoidable.

Freedom does not liberates you from responsibility, it is one that even freedom is bound onto. We all have to pay a high price for feedom, as what Parrius is doing now. But I am sure we shall stand tall and proud after this transition. For now let

bygones be bygones. And a word to Julian, Conan is a great man I agree, but only when he is sane and calm. Sorry Conan. I do not wish Catt to be misunderstood for some mistakes you have done. I am NOT talking about quiting and re-joining Parrius.

That is all. [Bow]

Written by my hand on the 13th of Leaflost, in the year 982.