Catt vs Orielle.

Savannahto Everyone

After endless blathering paranoid dribble by Catt and Orielle, I have come to realize there really cannot be a treaty between the cities in whichthey reside as long as the two crones continue to wield any authority.

I say crones because truly, they are both like two elderly hags in retirement home rocking chairs, mumbling and cackling nonsensically and curving their humped backs over the job of dressing personal old bitterness in colourful new city clothes.

Take this supposed treaty - it actually contains very little of meat, which makes it very reasonable for all concerned.

It's on again off again, despite the more coherent voices surrounding these crones, according to their own mood swings, which have been self-important enough to be vomitted across the public bb for all to wade through.

The irony, naturally, is that even without this treaty - nothing different would actually occur.

Parrian troops would stay where they are, ready to defend, and Springdale troops would stay where they are, ready to defend. No one ever had any intention of taking new spheres, no war was impending.

So 'The Treaty of the Crones' has actually become an instrument of war, spurring folks into battleplans where none would otherwise have existed.

I could mention the further irony that the instrument of war was concocted by a pacifist, but that would be off the point, and I've actually come to understand pacifism better of late.

The purpose of this post is to say damn you both, wage war with your city's troops and commodities.

For even if my beloved Parrius falls to ashes, at least it would shut you both up.

And that is all I really care about.


Written by my hand on the 28th of Paglost, in the year 982.