Prize Plum Plaman.

Bruiser Blueskullto Everyone

I know, I know I said I wouldnt bore anyone with any more Plaman related tripe, but I just read a post on my guild bb and feel it should be public knowledge.

We are lucky enough to have in the guild a young cub called Doraemon, who has just had a run in with Plaman. (Check out help Doraemon, and help Plaman). I suspect Plaman is at least a zillion times bigger than Doraemon. Despite that Putrid Plaman dec

ided to try and exercise his frustrations with me, by attacking poor Doreamon.

During Plaman's little tantrum, our cub was paralysed, had most of his inventory stolen, was dragged to an inevitable doom in the jaws of the giant spiders, and to top it all, Plaman took the body, so no-one could bath the poor cub.

Plamans proudly informed Doraemon that this most impressive demonstration of skill, was in retaliation to his having been God-zapped. The link in Plaman's tiny mind, being the fact that I caused the arguement that he is currently having with Gods, an

arguement that I have done my best to stay aloof of.

Now I ask you ..... has anyone ever heard of a lower or more cowardly act ? I think not ! Does an ineffective worm like Plaman deserve life ? Again, I think not !!

To Plaman I say this ..... whilst I live and breathe, you will never gain a moments peace. I will hunt, kill and ship you until I deem Justice to have been done, and I suspect this means your be watching your back until the end of time. Do not leave

the sewers that are so fitting a dwelling, for surely death shall come quick.

Blueskull - wielder of Justice !

Written by my hand on the 29th of Mournsend, in the year 982.