Savannah, Parrian Enchantressto Everyone

The confusion over how to approach Parrius is probably well-founded, but easily cleared up.

I will say a couple of things here, but I am not the craftswoman behind the Parrian Constitution - it is a public document written by many citizens with divine aid, and it is on public display in the Parrain Library off Hellespont Square.

My words aren't law, but anyone wishing to see the law is invited to pay a visit to the library. Ermm. and while you're there, buy something Parrian <g>.

Parrius isn't without government, even though it has no elected or appointed representatives.

Its government is the collective body of citizens who call it home.

Were I Springdalian or Mercinean or Thakrian, I wouldn't bother troubling over the nature of truecitizenry.

Take your gripe or proposal or treaty or fight to any Parrian, commoner or truecitizen, as we are all equally capable of informing the rest of the city, and we are all equally capable of pushing matters through a communal democratic vote if necessary.

Don't worry about status, or who appears to speak for the city, or who appears to do what. Just find a willing Parrian you can speak to or yell at, and you are guaranteed that that Parrian holds every bit as much prestige as the next Parrian as far as

the government is concerned.

I'll close this with the mild and obvious disclaimer that as Parrius is a wild and free city, any Parrian is capable of disagreeing with me.

Such is the nature of a government by a team of individuals rather than a government of red tape.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Eleuthral, in the year 982.