Mercinae - Parrius Treaty Extension.

Culinane, Prince of Mercinaeto Everyone

Artisan Catt approached me regarding extending the Mercinae Parrius Treaty. I have spoken to the Barons of Mercinae and am advised by Catt that he has gotten agreement from 12 of 15 of the True Citizens of Parrius.

The treaty will extend for a further five year time period from the date of this post.

The treaty is simple. Parrius and Parrian troops will not venture west of their current holdings at the Nassau - Ariadne border nor Along the Highway. Mercinae and Mercinaen troops will not march east of the Nassau - Ariadne border nor will the go ea

st Along the Highway.

Coriona is now the domain of Sturge. It sits as a buffer between Mercinae and Parrius in that area. (This is no change from the original treaty other than that Mercinae used to hold Coriona and ceded it to its own autonomy under Civilised Sturge.)

Mercinae will view Parrian troops in Coriona as a breach of the treaty unless they were invited there by Sturge. I expect Parrius will view Mercinaen troops in Coriona the same way.

Finally, due to the ongoing tension between Springdale and Parrius, Parrius has asked that Mercinae pledge not to assist Springdale in an assault upon Parrius. though I have no information to suggest that Springdale plans such an assualt, I provided

assurance that Mercinae has no intention of pushing eastward and assisting Springdale in any such potential assault.

GIven the unique situation of True Citizens in Parrius, if this does not accurately reflect a treaty by which the City of Parrius feels bound, please let me know at your earliest convenience.


Written by my hand on the 26th of Hindyear, in the year 981.