Buttons, Knights guild, and me.

Hiya Blue,

I don't know what went on inside the knight's guild after I left, but

it seems that there is perhaps one inaccuracy in your account: Buttons

was accompanying me on a jaunt to see if we could get any of the quest

items inside the Knight's Armoury. This was at my instigation, not

SRB's. I feel quite lousy that right after you and I said hello to

each other, you went in there and beat up on my colleague. Now, I

don't know who attacked whom, and don't really care. I just thought

the record should be set straight. I would not attempt to break and

enter any guild unless I saw some very, very tempting questy stuff

in its basement. The fact that Knight-types can barge treasure doors

quite easily and hide the quest items in magically-protected rooms is

a particularly annoying state of affairs for yours truly.

In any case, I owe nobody in Mercinae, or Thakria, or Parrius any ill

will. Except for Panaideos, but he doesn't count for the purposes of

this post. I am quite well aware that the reverse is not true, but that's

life. By the same logic that says we should ask an appropriate person

for permission to enter a guild, it would be lovely to be asked to leave

by an appropriate person, in those instances where we bandits feel the

need to utilize our god-given skills. I fully support justice, but really,

I think you just went after Buttons because, a:) you could, and, b:) you

felt like it. I make no effort to pass judgement on those motivations,

since in almost all cases, they are what drive me too...

Yours in mischief,

Written by my hand on the 9th of Midsummer, in the year 981.