Your delusions.

Bruiser Blueskullto Smokin' Rope Buttons

Heres how my story goes ...........

You spent 15 minutes trying to break into a house in Mercinae unsuccessfully. I, and various other Mercinaens were watching you the whole time, had you gained entry we would have removed you. You finally gave up and decided to break into the knights

guild. Seeing you in there I traved in, with intention of scaring you off. I did not attack at first, but merely weathered your little tantrum attack, whilst asking you to leave. When your little attack became annoying I hit you with a few disarme

d you and rendered you unconsious.

My next step was to ask my Prince what he wanted me to do with you, but before I got an answer you died from a poison overdose. (Check your log, I certainly have a copy if anyone is interested).

Buttons, should you ever have a genuine reason for breaking and entering, (such as looking for quest item), I suggest you take the time to ask permission to enter another's property.

28 clear and cut case, of Justice having been served.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Midsummer, in the year 981.