Loremaster Convocation.

Thaumaturge Grundy, Myrmidon of Compassionto Everyone

At 7pm by the Avalon clock on Sunday, November 1, the loremaster profession will have an all-profession meeting to discuss the state of the profession. (That is, barring any problems that may arise or unscheduled gem quest matches) The location will b

e announced closer to the date.

The meeting will only serve to set the stage for a longer, more detailed discussion which will probably occur via a huge email chain, so any loremaster who is unable to make the meeting will be able to get a log of it and participate in the discussion

which follows. The discussion that follows will be where the real decisions are made so no one is in any real danger of having your voice unheard.

ALL members of loremaster guilds are invited. Any gods who are interested are invited as well, of course, or they may request a transcript of the discussions as the case maybe.

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The general topics will be:

I. The Status of Our Skill-Sets. What is valuable, what is not, what ideas do we have for change.

All profession members should remember that the guiding criteria for the loremaster profession is that our powers are mainly defensive. thus runes that gnaw through armour into people's hearts or the power to summon mighty creatures to slay our enemie

s are probably a waste of discussion time.

II. The Status of the Membership of Our Profession-Are our numbers too large/too small/just right for us to serve our purpose within the land. What is our purpose in the land Is the quality of the members of the profession and their effectiveness degr

aded by high numbers of pacifists. Are our members sufficiently adept at applying the skills they have in a variety of situations or do they serve as vending machines for goods (Assuming that the latter is not our purpose as a profession.)

III. The Profession as Manufacturers of Goods-Is our membership large enough to effectively meet the demand for goods? Are we producing what is in demand? Are customers aware of the wide variety of goods we can produce or are they only aware of a narr

ow sample? Are prices (or the lack thereof) reflecting the supply/demand of the market? How can we combat the \"oh your not ultimately skilled\" aspersions cast upon less skilled members and raise their perceived value within the guilds if not the land

as a whole.

These are just general areas for consideration, though I think important ones. People who are not members of the profession (and not divine) will probably be allowed to observed, but probably will not be allowed to comment unless recognized by one of

the 4 guildmasters for the sake of expediency. All professional transactions will be barred from the meeting room and must be taken outside. It will be hard enough to have a focussed discussion without a line of customers coming in as well. Thus the m

eeting will be relatively short (one hopes) so as not to heavily inconvience Avalon as a whole for too long a period.


Written by my hand on the 1st of Skyelong, in the year 981.