Rules clarification.

Ok - so no-one may use a guild ccc, or enter a guild, except for Rangers, who can swing into their Guild and their Guild CCC - however, a Loremaster or Sorceror type may not portal to their Guild CCC within their Guild, right?

Also - you cannot use Guild Barracks (and presumably City Barracks), nor may a High Priest(ess) stand in a marked location of their deity beyond 3 marks, nor enter a temple - however, a High Priest(ess) may use RETURN which takes them back, in general

, to an 8 or 9 marked spot in the heart of their Lords (Ladies) Temple?

Also, no-one is allowed to use Guild or City Privileges, however, those select few High Priest(esses) CAN use Order privileges to GOTO?

Forgive me if I mistinterpreted any of those rules - but, in my mind at least, this rules in particular are as clear as mud since they are about as logical as something that is not really logical at all!

Written by my hand on the 5th of Ilmarael, in the year 980.