Topaz Gem Quest Rules.

Head Referee Grundy, Myrmidon of Compassionto Everyone

All rules are subject to change at the last minute by Castigere. Be there at the start of the quest at 24:00 GMT Saturday (as the day becomes Sunday)


You and opponent are only people in the land for all intents and purposes and must duke it out in single combat.

All general and professional skills may be used. Any privilege gained by city or guild status is null and void. As far as you are concerned, basically there are no living humans in the city and guildhouses don't exist.


Format is single combat, one on one. Round robin style. Ingens will post the initial pairings closer to the start time.

There will be two divisions, one for gem questers and one for those who may not have the considerable skills of a gem quester. The winner of the second division will receive a prize of considerable value. Grundy is head referee for the gem division an

d Warfarin is head ref for the second division. Castigere will decide who fights in what division.

For expediency, there will be 4 battles supervised by 4 referees going on at the same time. Castigere has the final word in any outcome.

Winner is declared when one person summons the ship or by whomever has scored the most kills in 20 min (10 min for second division). In the event that neither has died in that time, a draw will be declared and new competitors assigned to the tied oppo


If a referee feels that two opponents are basically staring at each other for more than 5 min, he/she may issue a warning. If the stand off continues for 5 more minutes, the referee may declare a tie and end the contest. Should either competitor arriv

e at a tie by the same means in a subsequent contest, they will be disqualified entirely.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Midsummer, in the year 980.