The next quest contest.

Loremaster Skruffto Apollo, the god of light

Congratulations to Culinane and the runners-up last time, and great to hear of plans for another contest.

In my humble view there should be ample scope for all types of questors, notably fighters and pacifists in all their many and diverse forms.

However, the problem revealed by the final tallies in the last contest is the fact that very few players actually know any worthwhile quests.

Of course, there was great co-operation between some players, crossing city divides, but whilst we must clearly not give away quest details on the bb I wish a way could be found for more of us to be able to join in.

The recent newsletter mentioned that most quests are known to very few, and many are forgotten to all. Can a way not be found to open the quests up to all who wish to go questing?

I have previously suggested an Adventurers' Guild for those who wish to concentrate on quests, or a Quest Section on the bb (cryptic entries only), but doubtless others may have different and better ideas. Lets hear them, please, so we can all get inv

olved in what is, for many, one of the most intriguing yet inaccessible facets of Avalon. The number of questors in the last contest demonstrates the level of interest.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Hindyear, in the year 979.