Sir Kes the Gallant Knightto Everyone

Conan has been and always be a very good friend of mine. I will always be there for him like

he was for me. He is possibly the bravest and most honourable person playing avalon.

He holds in his heart what we should all seek and that is to overcome our own inner fears.

Conan is the person I look up to for he has stood for his ideals and has protected the weak

and the innocent.

If everyone scorns him or laughs at him, there will be one here who will always admire him. For

an Avalon without Conan is an evil vile place.

I will stand by mmy friend in what ever befalls him and hope that he can forgive my many

mistakes I have done along the way to becoming as good as he.

Kes for honour and justice.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Ilmarael, in the year 979.