Thaumaturge Grundy Votary of Compassionto Everyone

I encourage all involved with the treaty process to reach an agreement shortly. Thakria is suffering greatly and each passing day brings more destruction. Thakrians-some storerooms still remain standing (or did when I started this post). Sturge has be

en rather slow in same cases about destroying buildings--2 days ago the chancellery stood, now it doesnt. Yesterday the Warlocks guild, sans barracks stood, today it does not. A fast resolution can save what remains.

Since Panaideos has apparentally accepted the agreement privately twice, the onus of a public resolution unfortunately therefore passes to you, whether the terms are fair or not.

Because the terms have been agreed to, Mercinae has less of a responsibility to consider negoitation.

To the Thakrians, therefore I quote some history to both warn and guide you--Though I don't pretend to speak for the gods in the least, I will point out that they have punished those who have abandoned their cities in the past and neglecting responsib

ility for its wellbeing is akin to that. If it is pride that prevents you from agreeing, it would behoove you to swallow it as they gods have been known to punish hubris too.

As for guidance--I wasn't at all surprised to see the Thakrians drop the pretense that they were a city where people were free to do as they like and actually admitted they used Terror to rule. They were afraid that Thakria would lose it's character i

f they embraced a path that would include farming and labours and become more \"Mercinae-like\"

To this, I would point out that both Davros and Snowlock were noted for make Thakria a military AND economic power and look where they ended up. A commentary on Davros' accomplishments reside on a scroll in the Libarary in Thakria.

From a somewhat different annal of history though, I quote the following-\"Thakria's uninterrupted expansion and wealth was to be cut short though, by fundamental disputes within its government between Loremaster Davros, the financial mastermind behind

the city's success and the majority of citizens whose outlook was evil ad goals were cultist in origin.

Davros found himself increasingly isolated and the time came when for all his love of Thakria and effort in securing it growth to a full city, the Loremaster chose to relinquish his mortal form... Without Davros, the Thakrians were unable to maintain t

he economic supremacy they had previously enjoyed ad to compound matters, Mercinae was finally able to pull together a cohesive and competent government. \"

Now Kylan was probably no Davros Bloodaxe and Culinane is probably no Isildur (who rose to become baron of Merc around this time according to histories) but I will be damned if history hasn't repeated itself here in Avalon.

Now I am sure in the future, someone will taunt me with the records of Mercinae's many rises and falls (oh boy, we have had a bunch) But as it seemed very applicable to the present situation, I thought I would offer as food for thought. Thakria has pr

oven it can be both a menace and an economic powerhouse. If you embrace the challenge, it can be again.

Grundy, for Compassion and the end of all this stupidity.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Leaflost, in the year 977.