Sir Julian The Lionheartedto Everyone

if someone is disgusted in violence in RL, they still demand protection from the gov't, or their army if you will, which is not demoralized in any way, and since pacifists do resist violence for the most part, they should not be able to lead troops.

enlistment is different though, how is enlisting a man violent? i'm sure all pacifists would try to defend their city however possible, and if others are willing to fight(the men in your city) then why the hell try to keep the from it!

pacifists lead eager, willing men to the army, they are not killing, so quit whining just because you don't have any pacifists, i know a few that could turn you into a little pile of leaves, keep the respect please

Written by my hand on the 14th of Leaflost, in the year 977.