The Future of Thakria.

Culinane, Prince of Mercinaeto Everyone

Panaideos and I met in front of Genesis today in an attempt to resolve the situation in Thakria. The following are the new terms on which Mercinae will withdraw:

1) Mercinae will accept 1 million gold as monetary reparations from Thakria.

2) 75% of the commodities removed from Thakria in the face of the invasion will be turned over to Mercinae. As per our first meeting Apollo shall oversee this if he is so willing.

3) Thakria will not build up it's southern gate past 5k for ten years. Thakrian and Thakrian guild troops will not march outside its city walls for ten years. The Mercinaen Prince and Field Marshall will have access to Thakrian Battleactions for the

next ten years. In return Mercinae agrees to not invade Thakria for that time (ten years)

$) For ten years Thakrians will not steal Mercinae harvests or kill or otherwise interfere with Mercinaen harvesters. In return Mercinae will not interfere with or otherwise steal Thakrian harvest. The same protection from Thakrian interference/stea

ling with harvest is extended to Springdale, provided, as the Lord of Time points out, that Springdale commits to not interfering with Thakrian harvests and harvesting as well.

5) Tribute. A temple to Apollo shall be raised inside Thakria's walls as a monument to the Mercinaen victory. The Lord of Light shall choose its location. Each year on the 19th Day of Skyelong there will be a celebration in the Thakrian Temple to A

pollo commemorating Mercinae's Victory.

The 19th Day of Skyelong will be remembered as the day on which Mercinae's troops proudly destroyed Thakria's gates and marched into the city.

As for the earlier term of banishment, it was pointed out to me that such punishment is the realm of the gods, and it is not for mortals to determine where any avalonian can walk. I personally apologize to the deities of Avalon for over-reaching in p

roviding our terms of settlement.

Culinane of the Bards

Written by my hand on the 6th of Leaflost, in the year 977.