Mad Savannah, the Fallento Lady Gwendolyn

When the systems that comprise Avalon evolve to the point of thwarting an entire city's purpose and dispensation, the new system is not to be awarded or overvalued, only noted.

There's nothing inherently wrong with pacifism from an objective point of view, except that a supposedly evil, aggressive city should have the freedom to be functional without placing any value on it.

I could argue that the system has evolved to the point of permitting those who voluntarily surrender 90 percent of their skills to gain ground over those who have not only full access to all skills but great talent in using them.

Or I could argue that the evolution of the Avalonian systems encourage a time-based type of play that weakens the populations of cities based on skill-based play.

I believe the system is ultimately about the interwoven combination of abilities and skill use, which is predominately about fighting, and pacifism works counter to it even while necessary to support the world as a business.

Finally, though, I may be wrong on every point. But I do not think I am wrong in noting that under the current way of the land, a blatantly evil, agressive city cannot be functional.

Perhaps this is not a big loss. But were I raving mad and pacifistic, I would claim that it is.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Leaflost, in the year 977.