Lorelord Allanonto The Reverend Panaideos

Oh master tactician and great Thakrian general I know your knowledge has no boundaries

but can i ask you this question.

You saw the large Mercinaen force moving towards Thakria, with your intimate knowledge and experience

of warfare you must have know the likely outcome of our forces clashing with your

smaller number of defenders - so WHY group all your trrops together in a very convenient place

where we wouldnt have to waste extra rations hunting down your forces.

Our general Sturge was most grateful and we had a grand time betting on the likely size of our

large legion after it finished off your troops.

With you arrogantly dismissing our victory and Lialndrin doing a brilliant impression of

an Ostrich I welcome actually speaking to some decent Thakrian citizens so their concerns about their

future can be discussed and accomodated.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Ilmarael, in the year 977.