Lorelord Allanonto The Reverend Panaideos

Your post shows why Thakria was defeated - the biggest factor is your arrogance.

Your arrogance in taking advantage of a mistake and trying to take on more than yoiur troops

could cope with when you invaded Mercinae.

Your arrogance to demand the title of Prince from someone much better placed at getting

people working for her city.

Your arrogance about how Mercinae would never grow from being badly wounded by Thakrias

previous attack I might add with Parrius' (Plamans) assistance.

And best of all as Culinane pointed out collecting all the measly 4000 thakrian defenders in one place to

make the entry to your city all the easier.

What is hilarious is in the face of this your so arrogant not to think you have an on-going problem

Well all I can say is I am sure certain mortal incarnations of previous \"truly great\" thakrians

are probably turning in their grave ( assuming they were not undead to start with).

Written by my hand on the 12th of Midsummer, in the year 977.