Invasion of Thakria.

Culinane 17748to Everyone

I see a Mercinaen legion (five thousand eight hundred strong) at Centre of Thakria Square

Thakria's gates have been flattened. Its paltry army destroyed. Guild barracks have been razed. There are many people for whom thanks is to go, but I would especially like to thank Panaideos for his monumental shortsightedness, his idiocy driven b

y his ego and his complete bumbling. When he had an opportunity to thwart the invasion he instead sat on his hands. He quite helpfully gathered up all his troops and put them on our only route into town. Good job Panaideos, you succeeded in saving

us several hundred or thousand rations in hunting down the Thakrian army.

Now Lilandrin runs about catted and crows that there are no commodities to be had, that Mercinae has invaded an empty city. As usual, the only reason Thakria has anything left is due to Kylan's assistance. And of the empty city? Lil you drove out i

ts soul upon your arrival there. With the exception of a few good people (Spyder, Yairi and Sautoir come to mind) Thakria has been an empty city for quite some time.

Lil you could not have assisted Mercinae more in our plans to invade than by joining Thakria. Perhaps you would be so kind as to leave your typically misguided posts on the fighters board where we can all continue to skip them.

I have no doubt I will see some threatening posts and other propaganda saying it isnt as bad as it is by various Thakrians. Mercinae will continue to let her actions speak louder than her words.

Culinane, Prince of Mercinae

Written by my hand on the 26th of Skyelong, in the year 977.