Stones Again.

Dear Savannah,

One thing not mentioned by you or anyone else is that this proposal, while

opening up all the stones, gives access to every seer who can use one. It

does not profit guilds however... seeing as their stones are open for use by

everyone else... including seers who are guildess, right?

So... this sort of thingy doesn't really help guilds or seers in general, just

those who are not part of a guild and would not have access to a stone, bar

the ROS or Orestes stones perhaps. Maybe people in the indivual seer guilds should

look this little tidbit over... of course, I highly doubt that anyone will

be able to change the situation because Savannah is the most powerful seer

around these days and can do pretty much what she wants.


Lilandrin, of the confused thoughts

Written by my hand on the 14th of Agamnion, in the year 976.