WIN 5 CREDITS!!!!!!!!!!.

Thaumaturge Grundy Votary of Compassionto Everyone

In an effort to get some hard data on what loremaster made goods people actually use and, indeed are actually aware of, I have created a fairly extensive survey on a web page.

As an incentive to actually fill it out, I will hold a drawing in about 2-3 weeks for one person out of all the completed forms to win 5 free credits!

Everyone is welcome to fill it out, I swear before Rhadamanthys that I will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of guild, city or number of times they have killed me when it comes to chosing a winner as long as the form is completed. Loremast

ers however may find the first few questions silly in light of the fact they provide most of the goods they use to themselves, but I ask you to complete the last question thoroughly. (#19)

The address is

It isn't fancy, and rather ultilitarian but I wrote pretty much every line of it so I could learn HTML better. Something I advise everyone who would like to learn to do as it is more tedious than tough.

Thanks for your attention, please visit the site soon. Let me know if you have any problems (like if there isnt a space every 4-5 items in question 19) This information will hopefully be valuable for the profession so they can assess what things are v

aluable to other plays as well as to the loremasters as a profession.

I also promise the strictest confidentiality. No one will be told what goods any one player specifically uses. All answers will be used to generalize.

Grundy, the Alchemist Guy

Written by my hand on the 24th of Paglost, in the year 976.