Gem Quests.

Thaumaturge Grundy Votary of Compassionto Everyone

Well the ruby quest seems to be going along at a fair rate, congrats to all those who have placed.

Since rumour has it that the Compassion gem probably won't be up for grabs this time around, I really want to know when the Marble of Mischief is going to be run.

The Marble is apparentally a piece from a headstone or crypt that Wraith took a liking to while grave digging.

This is one of the most prized gems because it bestows ETERNAL CHOCOLATE CAKES!!!!!! made with Wraith's secret recipe which many have tried to steal, but alas have all failed.

It is also reputed to cause a little mischief as well and randomly cause a flower pot to appear over your enemy's head and drop squarely upon it.

The competition is tough--there is of course a bake-off followed by gravedigging and embalming. Now you may think Wraith is laid back, but he is a real stickler for getting the dimensions of a grave correct.

This is sometimes followed by gravestone carving. The finale which separates the wheat from the chaff however is the clockwork spider rodeo where contestants try to stay on a wild, bucking clockwork spider for as long as they can.

It is of course, all great fun, because WRAITH IS COOL!!!!

It is really to bad that he doesn't have his own gem, but it is a lot of fun to imagine what it might be like to compete for it.

Hope you all had a chuckle (especially Wraith. I don't think anyone can be too irreverent to the Prince of Irreverance, but he is a god after all)


Written by my hand on the 14th of Leaflost, in the year 975.