Wrathto Everyone

Well, folks, the twilight of my career in Avalon has come. I've denounced Nostradamus, quit my guild and profession, and have willed away all of my material possessions. The clock is ticking... roughly 10 hours remain.

Avalon has lost it's lustre for me. The conflicts have become old and boring and my enemies too predictable. It is with a heavy heart that I leave a few of you, and complete indifference with which I leave most.

So here's what I have to say about Avalon.

Animists: Avalon's nothing without them

Rangers: picked the lestagii to extinction (it's a conspiracy)

Yairi: greatest friend a guy could have

Culinane: I DID kill him, ONCE.

Cezeear: dear god...

Nostradamus: the most useless patron ever

Arthor: most arrogant player I've EVER seen in Avalon

Kylan: just because she has all ults doesn't mean she's any good

Lilandrin: helped me more than once, me, a sworn enemy. She's got more honor and compassion than most people give her credit for.

Wraith: the coolest damn person that ever lived.

Mercinae: sucks

Thakria: rules

Parrius: #2 to Thakria

Springtown: what?

Panaideos: whoops everyone's ass.

Braveheart: chickenshit.

Underworld: where is it?

Rhadamanthys: never should have denounced him. Forgive me.

You get the point. Sorry to all the people I ticked off, <wave> to all the people who didn't kill me on a daily basis. Enjoy.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Ilmarael, in the year 975.