you flatulent moron.

Taliesinto Poisonous Tryn Izaril, the consumate

You amazingly thick schmuck. Our lifetime record is three deaths for taliesin, and 13-15 for you. so shut up. You have never killed me without teaming, and you never will. period.

Take your attitude and go. And Do not have the temerity to bicker... you who uses a wedding gift to cheat out of fights regularly...5 times on thursday alone.

I was simply demonstrating why i rarely fight challenges. Imbeciles like you either call challenge and hide in the barracks, or team during them. You deserve, and will get, no quarter. So please do post again about how you ship me constantly. odd

that i have died 5 times in 15 months of coming back to fighting. how many have you? I thought so.

And Jherad, shut up. When you can fight your own battles that is fine, i chased YOU through three cities today, not the other way around. How Tryn got me to springtown from downtown mercinae is a mystery... no doubt more wedding gifts at work.

To everyone else, i hope you found this at least a little amusing, and apologise for wasting your valuable time.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Agamnion, in the year 974.